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Letter from the Author

I had the pleasure of working with Haley Criswell on my newly published children's book.  Not only is she a talented and creative illustrator, she is a dedicated and hard-working professional.  While Haley's artistry is superlative, it is her positive and collaborative attitude that had me most impressed.  It was a joy to work together with her to plan and sketch out exactly what I wanted, and she was determined to see my visions become a reality, going above and beyond in her preparation and presentation.


Haley worked diligently with me to ensure that the products she delivered were of the highest quality.  She exceeded my expectations, even contributing suggestions and additions that improved on my original concepts.  I would highly recommend her for any future project and would be honored and excited to work with her again myself.



Emerald Kathleen Peterson

Process for Illustrating A Reindeer Ate My Other Glove

The writer provided a mock-up of the book with a layout of word and image placement

I created 3 sample illustrations using different styles

I used a small sketchbook to created pencil drawings of the book mock up

She revised and approved pencil illustrations

Once all pencil drawings were approved, I penned them in

The writer took the sketchbook and used colored pencils to color the pen drawings

I referenced the sketchbook in creating the final paintings

Once finished with a painting, it would need to be approved before the tape was removed.

The final paintings were then taken to be


-Haley Criswell

You can purchase A Reindeer Ate My Other Glove here

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